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Choosing the best and affordable Web Host is necessary and this is equally important as Web Design and Development. Poor Web Hosts is one of the main reasons why a website is hacked. A poor web host is often lagging, has inefficient customer support and usually a costly one. Business owners should research and scrutinize a web host. Don’t be a victim of a problematic hosting. We also recommend that you host your website to your web developer, if and only if they have superb hosting so when problems arise, they can be resolved at once.

Best Web Host in Philippines

To maximize the speed, security, efficiency, uptime of our client’s website and to get your money’s worth, we are raising the bar in web hosting. Our hosting is the best and affordable because we combined both the best Web Host and Content Delivery Network to store, protect and load our clients’ website. We think big and we want to give our customers the best service that they certainly deserve.

Free SSL & Multi-layer Defense

We offer Free Let’s Encrypt and Cloudflare SSLs so everything is fully encrypted including your website, cPanel and email. We provide Virus Scan, Leech Protection, DDoS Mitigation, Mod Security, Spam Assassin, etc. in your cPanel to ensure maximum protection.

Lightning Speed

We use Pure SSD which is 20x faster than HDD. Our LiteSpeed server is faster than Nginx and can outperform Apache by 90x when using WordPress and LiteSpeed cache. We use the latest PHP, MySQL and other Apps which deliver faster speed and more secure compared to their older versions.

Free Domain, Email & Site Builder

We offer Free .com Domain for the Business plan. Site Builder is Free for all plans so you can make websites in no time using templates. You can easily setup email in any device using POP3, IMAP and SMTP or directly access it in the Webmail of your cPanel.

cPanel & Softaculous 1 click Installer

cPanel is the best control panel to manage everything including your website, domain, apps, security, email, etc. Furthermore, you can easily install over 400+ Apps and CMS like WordPress and Joomla using Softaculous.

Free Cloudflare CDN with Railgun

With over 152 data centers, Cloudflare can significantly improve the Performance and Security of your website. Optimization includes compression, cache, HTTP/2, TLS 1.3, etc. We are an Optimized Cloudflare Partner so you can use Railgun (save $200/mo) which provides 2x performance increase.

Cheapest Price

We offer the cheapest Price of only Php 600/year but with premium features like LiteSpeed, Cloudflare Railgun, Pure SSD, etc. and better server settings as compared with other hosts. Our lowest plan is set at 1 CPU core and 1 GB RAM.

Cloudflare Partner

CreativeWeb.biz is a proud Cloudflare Certified Partner! Cloudflare is a top rated U.S. based and Fastest CDN provider that dramatically improves web performance, security and reliability. With over 35% market share, Cloudflare runs the largest, fastest, and most reliable managed DNS service in the world.

We do not charge our client for the setup using Cloudflare since it’s Free and if they want more speed and security they can pay Cloudflare directly using their account. We encourage you to avail their paid service to further boost your website performance and security.

Our Web Hosting Packages


Pure Solid State Drives, CloudLinux, PHP 7, DDoS Protection, Virus & Malware Scan, Firewall, Multi-layer Defense, LiteSpeed Server

Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla,etc.

cPanel, SEO & Marketing Tools, Image Manager, Leech Protection, Apache, PHP Manager, MySQL Database, FTP, phpMyAdmin, Magento, PrestaShop, Mod Security, Web Protect, File Manager, CronJobs, Optimize Website, Hotlink Protection, etc.

Site Pro Free Website Builder, Softaculous (with 400+ applications)

IMAP, POP & SMTP, Webmail (Horde, SquirrelMail, Roundcube), Spam Assasin, Email Forwarders, Auto Responder, SPF, Domain Key, etc.

Free SSL, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, Regular Backup, 99.95% Uptime, Technical Support, Free Migration, Cancel Anytime


Free SSL Encryption, HTTP Strict Transport Security, Browser Integrity Check, IP Firewall, Always Online, Server-side Excludes, DDoS Mitigation, Hotlink Protection, Cache Deception Armor

Free CDN Integration, Railgun (save $200/month), HTTP/2, TLS 1.3, 0-RTT, Browser Cache, HTML, CSS, Javascript & Brotli Compression, Web Sockets

Best for Startup & Personal Websites
Php 600/Year or Php 70/Month

Host Website = 1
SSD Disk Space = 4 GB, Bandwidth = 250 GB
CPU Core = 1, RAM = 1 GB
Email Accounts = 20, Databases = 10
Sub Domains = 10, Addon Domain = 0

Best for Growing Business
Php 1,800/Year or Php 175/Month

Host Website = 1
SSD Disk Space = Unlimited, Bandwidth = Unlimited
CPU Core = 1, RAM = 1 GB
Email Accounts = Unlimited, Databases = Unlimited
Sub Domains = Unlimited, Addon Domain = 0

Best for eCommerce & Corporate Websites
Php 5,500/Year or Php 550/Month

Host Websites = Unlimited, Free .com Domain
SSD Disk Space = Unlimited, Bandwidth = Unlimited
CPU Core = 4, RAM = 5 GB
Email Accounts = Unlimited, Databases = Unlimited
Sub Domains = Unlimited, Addon Domains = Unlimited
Amazon Cloud Platform (AWS)