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Choosing the best and affordable Web Host is necessary and this is equally important as Web Design and Development. Poor Web Hosts is one of the main reasons why a website is hacked. A poor web host is often lagging, has inefficient customer support and usually a costly one. Business owners should research and scrutinize a web host. Don’t be a victim of a problematic hosting. We also recommend that you host your website to your web developer, if and only if they have superb hosting so when problems arise, they can be resolved at once.

Best Web Host

To maximize the speed, security, efficiency, uptime of our client’s website and to get your money’s worth, we are raising the bar in web hosting. Our hosting is the best and affordable because we combined both the best Web Host and Content Delivery Network to store, protect and load our clients’ website. We think big and we want to give our customers the best service that they certainly deserve.

Fast Server & Reliable Uptime

Everything we do is tailored around delivering ultra fast and reliable web hosting. We maintain private suites in Tier IV data centers and we monitor our top-notch hardware round the clock to make sure they’re online and powering your websites.

LiteSpeed Server

LiteSpeed is the fastest, most secure server and can outperform Apache by 90x when using WordPress and LiteSpeed cache. It is compatible with everything that Apache and Nginx are compatible with due to its drop-in replacement system.

Pure SSD Storage

All of our servers utilize enterprise-grade Solid State Drives that ensure up to 3x faster access to your files and databases compared to other hosting providers using non-SSD storage.

Global Content Delivery

Powered by 175 data centers, CloudFlare can significantly improve the Performance, Security and Reliability of your website. Optimization includes free SSL, DDoS Mitigation, Firewall, HSTS, compression, cache, Railgun, HTTP/2, TLS 1.3, web sockets, etc.

Free WordPress Optimization

We will fix and optimize your WordPress website to have A(99%) Page Speed, Grade A+ Security and excellent On Page SEO. This will improve your Search Engine ranking and Customer experience.

Latest CloudLinux OS

CloudLinux improves server stability, density and security by isolating each tenant and giving them allocated server resources. This creates an environment that feels more like a virtual server than a shared hosting account.


Imunify is a next-generation security solution built for Linux servers. It uses herd immunity and the unique, proactive approach to provide total protection against known and unknown attacks.


MariaDB is a Faster and Safer drop-in replacement for MySQL meaning it follows the same schemas and structure therefore is compatible with your current scripts/ software that require mySQL.

Free SSL Certificate

We provide free SSL certificate with every web hosting plans. SSL secures your website and improves your SEO ranking. In the web browser, a padlock and https protocol will be visible.

LiteSpeed Cache with Image Optimizer

LiteSpeed Cache is an all-in-one site acceleration plugin, featuring an exclusive server-level cache and a collection of optimization features like Image Optimization, Lazy Loading, Browser and Object Cache, Server Push, etc.

Professional & Secure Email

Stay connected, with a professional email addresses personalized to your domain name. Your Email system is protected by SSL and Spam Assassin. You can easily setup email in any device using POP3, IMAP and SMTP or directly access it in the Webmail of your cPanel.

Developer Friendly

We support the codes you use, with full support for PHP 7, MySQL, Perl, CGI, SSH, SSI, HTML5 and JavaScript. All our Hosting Plans allow you to select the specific PHP version (5.1 to 7.3) you like to use, and also offer an extended range of PHP plugins.

WordPress & Application Ready

At a few clicks you can install CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and over 400+ apps using Softaculous installer. It’s integrated into cPanel control panel offered with our web hosting plans.

Free Website Migration

Are you unhappy with your web hosting provider? Switch to Creative Web, our migration experts will move all your website data. There is no additional cost for website migration and management.

Grow Your Business With Us

We provide powerful website and SEO tools including Attracta available through cPanel. We have a Price Lock Guarantee which means that the price during signup will be the same until the life span of your account.

Latest cPanel & PHP with OPcache

Manage every aspect of your Linux hosting account from cPanel control panel. Add add-on domains, emails, database, etc.. Accelerate and protect your website by choosing the latest PHP 7.3 with Zend OPcache and extensions in the PHP Selector.

Web Hosting & Development Experts

We’ve been offering web hosting and development services for more than 7 years and consistently meet the requirements of our clients. We’re very good at what we do and our experience means the service you receive and enjoy is second-to-none.

30 Day Money back Guarantee

Let us earn your business. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all of our plans. We’re extremely confident that you’ll never need to find another web host after becoming a part of The Creative Web Experience!

CloudFlare Optimized Partner

CloudFlare Railgun
Creative Web is a proud CloudFlare Optimized Partner! CloudFlare is a top rated U.S. based and Fastest CDN provider that dramatically improves web performance, security and reliability. With over 35% market share, CloudFlare runs the largest, fastest, and most reliable managed DNS service in the world. Powered by 175 data centers, CloudFlare can significantly improve the Performance, Security and Reliability of your website by caching static content from the nearest data center to your website visitor. Optimization includes free SSL, DDoS Mitigation, Firewall, HSTS, compression, cache, HTTP/2, TLS 1.3, web sockets, among their many great features.
As an Optimized Partner, you can enable Railgun for Free in the cPanel and save $200/month. Railgun ensures that the connection between your origin server and the CloudFlare network is as fast as possible. Railgun compresses previously uncacheable web objects up to 99.6% by leveraging techniques similar to those used in the compression of high-quality video. This results in an average 200% additional performance increase.
We do not charge our client for the setup using CloudFlare since it’s Free and if you want more speed and security you can pay CloudFlare directly using your account. We encourage you to avail their paid service and features like Argo to further boost your website performance and security.

Web Hosts Comparison

Overall Comparison of the Top Web Hosts in the Philippines

Regular PricePhp 750/yrPhp 7,104/yrPhp 5,184/yrPhp 1,548/yrPhp 7,752/yrPhp 2,748/yrPhp 1,992/yrPhp 1,080/yr
Plan NameStarterHatchlingBasicStarterStartUpSinglePersonalEconomy
SSD Servers
Free SSL Certificate
Free Malware Scan & RemovalAddonAddonAddonAddonAddonAddon
CloudFlare CDN
LiteSpeed Server & Cache
Free WordPress Speed & Security Optimization
Host Domain11111111
GT Metrix Page SpeedA(99%)D(69%)D(63%)D(69%)E(56%)B(81%)E(57%)C(74%)
Web Page Test5As, with CDN3As, C, D, no CDN2As, B, 2Fs with CDN2As, B, C, F, No CDNA, C, 3Fs, with CDN4As, B, no CDN3As, 2F, no CDN3As, B, F, no CDN
Mozilla SecurityB+80F0F0F0F0F0D35F0
Sucuri ScanMinimal RiskLow RiskLow RiskLow RiskLow RiskLow RiskLow RiskLow Risk
Header SecurityA+DDDDFDC

We provide you all the best web hosting features that others are missing. Only Creative Web passed the Speed and Security tests. The websites of other web hosts failed and need improvement.

Sources: GT Metrix, Web Page Test, Mozilla Observatory, Sucuri Scan, Security Headers

Our Web Hosting Packages


Pure Solid State DrivesLiteSpeed Server & CacheCloudLinux, MariaDB, Imunify, PHP 7 with Zend OPcache, Object Cache, DDoS Mitigation, Firewall, Malware & Virus Scan, Multi-layer Defense

WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, PrestaShop, etc.

cPanel, Backup Wizard, Metrics, SEO & Marketing Tools, ModSecurity, Leech Protection, PHP Selector, MySQL Database, FTP, phpMyAdmin, File Manager, CronJobs, Optimize Website, Hotlink Protection, Two-Factor Authentication, etc.

Softaculous (with 400+ applications), Free SitePad Website Builder

IMAP, POP & SMTP, Webmail (Horde & Roundcube), Spam Assassin, Forwarders, Auto Responder, SPF, Domain Key, etc.

Free Let’s Encrypt SSL, Daily Backup & Free Restoration, 30 Day Money Back & Price Lock Guarantee, 99.95% Uptime, Technical Support, Free Migration, Cancel Anytime


Free CloudFlare SSL, HTTP Strict Transport Security, Browser Integrity Check, Firewall, Always Online, Server-side Excludes, DDoS Mitigation, Cache Deception Armor

Free CDN Integration, Railgun (save $200/month), HTTP/2, TLS 1.3, 0-RTT, Browser Cache, Brotli Compression, Web Sockets, Optimization of HTML, CSS & Javascript


Fix WordPress to achieve a Page Speed of A(99%), A+ Security and excellent On Page SEO.
To achieve Bulletproof Security, we will setup a Web Application Firewall, Spam & Brute Force Protection, WordPress Hardening, Two-Factor Authentication, SSL, HSTS & Header Security.
To have Lightning Speed, we will setup the LiteSpeed Cache & Image Optimization, Browser Cache, Gzip Compression, Disable unused JavaScript & CSS, Optimize HTML, CSS, Javascript & Database.
To improve On Page SEO, we will setup a SEO & Sharing Plugins, Webmaster & Analytics for Google & Bing, Sitemap, Optimize Home Page SEO then provide materials to clients to optimize all pages, post & images. (Not available for STARTER Plan)


Only us can Guarantee an A+ Security and a Page Speed of A(99%) on all Hosting Plans for WordPress websites.
Try us for a month and FEEL the DIFFERENCE!

See Starter cPanel Demo

Best for Personal Websites
Php 750/Year or Php 75/Month

Host Website = 1
SSD Space = 5 GB, Bandwidth = 250 GB
CPU Cores = 2, RAM = 2 GB
I/O Speed = 10 MB/s, Inodes Limit = 250,000
Email Accounts = 30, Databases = 10
Sub Domains = 10, Addon Domain = 0
Memcached Object Cache

Best for Startup Business Websites
Php 2,000/Year or Php 200/Month

Host Websites = 3
SSD Space = 15 GB, Bandwidth = 750 GB
CPU Cores = 2, RAM = 2 GB
I/O Speed = 10 MB/s, Inodes Limit = 250,000
Email Accounts = 100, Databases = 30
Sub Domains = 30, Addon Domains = 2
Memcached Object Cache

Best for Growing Business Websites
Php 6,000/Year or Php 600/Month

Host Websites = Unlimited
SSD Space = 100 GB, Bandwidth = Unlimited
CPU Cores = 2, RAM = 2 GB
I/O Speed = 10 MB/s, Inodes Limit = 250,000
Email Accounts = Unlimited, Databases = Unlimited
Sub Domains = Unlimited, Addon Domains = Unlimited
Memcached Object Cache

Best for eCommerce & Corporate Websites
Php 13,500/Year or Php 1,350/Month

Host Websites = Unlimited
SSD Space = Unlimited, Bandwidth = Unlimited
CPU Cores = 3, RAM = 3 GB
I/O Speed = 20 MB/s, Inodes Limit = 400,000
Email Accounts = Unlimited, Databases = Unlimited
Sub Domains = Unlimited, Addon Domains = Unlimited
Free Dedicated IP & Domain Name, PCI Compliance, Separate Infrastructure & Less Accounts per Server, Memcached & Redis Object Cache