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In this present time, businesses must have their websites and a secured email to be recognized. To become worthy of people’s trust is indispensable. Most of the customers would search Google and read reviews before they purchase or avail of one’s services. First impression counts as they say. If a business has a subpar website, much worse not having a website at all, many potential customers will be lost. Your website is your company’s reflection; the website complements the company. Go and choose the best and affordable web developer in your area.


Speed, Security & SEO Comparison of Top PH Web Developers
Based from the website comparison tests, Creative Web is the most Secure (B+80), Fastest (A100) and Search Engine Optimized (94). Other top developers’ website in the Philippines failed in Security with F0 rating.

The numbers don’t lie. CreativeWeb.biz is a Premier Web Design & Development Company in the Philippines. Based on GT Metrix Page Speed, Mozilla Security and SEO Test, CreativeWeb.biz website has the highest results. Creative Web Philippines vis-à-vis many developers have failed miserably in Speed and especially in Security.

Speed, Security, Search Engine Friendly, Design, Content and Responsiveness are the important markers of a World Class Website. Such markers are our priorities. We ensure all the websites we build are Grade A in Speed, Security and SEO Tests.

Graph Sources: GT MetrixMozilla Observatory, SEO Site Checkup


Speed Test Comparison of Top PH Developers
Creative Web is the Fastest website with GT Metrix of A98 and Google Page Speed of 94. Majority of Web Developers in the Philippines have B to F Page Speed.

In this fast-paced world, nobody wants to be left behind. A slow website is a big No-No. According to Kissmetrics, if the page takes 5 secs to load that is tantamount to more than 25% abandonment. The website’s speed is an important metric in the Search Engine Ranking which prompted Google to develop Page Speed Test to improve the user’s experience. A huge file size requires huge resources from the server, which may take a high cost.

CreativeWeb.biz uses lightweight themes, stable plugins, latest platform, CDN, Caching, image, CSS, script, html compression and many more techniques to achieve maximum speed. In fact, we are the only developer in the Philippines with a GT Metrix of A98, YSlow of A95 and Google Page Speed of 94 even with more features, complexity, images and bigger file size.

Graph Sources: GT Metrix, Google Page Speed


Mozilla Security Comparison of Top Developers in Philippines
Creative Web is the most Secure website with B+80 Score and 10/11 Test Passed based from Mozilla Security Scan. All the other developers’ sites failed with F0 Scores.

The world is like a ruthless dungeon filled with hackers, cyber thieves and spammers. According to Forbes, Google blacklists 10,000 suspicious websites each day. Even big companies are prone to cyber attacks. How much more with the startups? No one is safe. Customers should be protected from these vicious attacks. There are several ways to secure your website. Google Chrome has put the word “Secure” on its page as foolproof that the site is encrypted and safe which is used in Search Engine ranking.

The same thing goes with CreativeWeb.biz. We encrypt your website and use countless ways and techniques to achieve the maximum security. Only Creative Web achieves a Mozilla Security of B+80 while the rest of the developers in the Philippines are F0. Furthermore, we are the only developer with Grade A+ on Security Headers test and the rest have Grade F.

Graph Source: Mozilla Observatory, Security Headers


Content is fundamental in the web world. An up-to-date, informative, interesting and relevant website is almost always at the top page of every search engine. Make use of popular keywords, clear and original images to boost your SEO ranking. We use various techniques and SEO tools to your keywords, company profile, image, title and meta description to have a high Search Engine rating in Google, Yahoo and Bing. We want you to be ahead of the pack!


Google Mobile Friendly Test
All websites we build are Responsive that pass Google, Bing and other Mobile Friendly Tests.

The majority of the population nowadays are using mobile and handheld devices to access the internet. The website should be responsive enough to automatically adjust its layout regardless of the device being used. Non-responsiveness of the site means the users will have difficulty reading the page, hence leading to penalty and lower search ranking of your site in the end.

CreativeWeb.biz only makes mobile friendly websites with nice layouts that pass Google and Bing Mobile friendly tests.

Source: Google Mobile Friendly Test


Search Engine Optimization of Top Developers in Philippines
Creative Web is a newest website, but with the highest SEO Site Checkup rating of 94.

If your website cannot be found on the top pages of Google, Bing and Yahoo search despite being secure and fast, surely you will only have a few potential visitors. Standards have to be met in order to have a higher ranking for new websites. Such standards are quality Content and Backlinks, Domain Age, Sitemap, Optimized Title, Meta Description, Keywords, Speed, Security and many more. Sharing, SEO Plugin and integration of social media will be of big help to boost your website ranking as well.

CreativeWeb.biz is an expert in Search Engine Optimization and will guarantee at least an SEO 90 rating for a new site which most old and popular websites can’t achieve. Most developers would ask for thousands of pesos for SEO but as a token of gratitude, we will make your website Search Engine friendly and we’ll teach you how to optimize your site for this is a long and arduous process.

Graph Sources: SEO Site Checkup, Neil Patel

Elegant & Maintenance Free

Popular websites make use of elegant and organized layouts, suitable chromatic patterns, readable fonts and handy navigational tools. Contact and information about the site are must-haves. Clear call to action for conversion and online support to show that you value your customers are also needed. Flash, iframe and animations are not essentials and may just slow down your site.

Most developers are using old versions of WordPress, themes, plugins, Php, SQL, etc. because a website upgrade may cause damage to the site (either the page will have missing widgets or having distorted layouts to name a few). The truth of the matter is, using old versions is not secure, slow and vulnerable to hacking.

CreativeWeb.biz are programming experts. We automatically update everything using the latest technology available so you are well-protected. Relax. We got you covered!

Sucuri Security Scan - CreativeWeb
Creative Web is automatically updating to the latest technology and uses Firewall so No Security Issue detected in Sucuri Scan.
Sucuri Security Scan - PH Developers
Majority of top developers’ website in Philippines use old wordpress, theme, plugins and technology as well as not using Firewall so have serious Security issues.

Source: Sucuri Scan


Making websites is easy and fast if you are an expert so we only charge based on the number of hours consumed and the basic features of your site. We are not only entrepreneurs, but we are also your partners in doing business. We charge for a fixed price to help your business flourish. We don’t believe in the usual practice of web developers that demand for a quote which may lead to overpricing.

These are our Web Design & Development Fees:

1. Standard Website = Php 8,000
For Personal & Small Business

2. Professional Website = Php 12,000
For School, Restaurant, Blogging, Service or Company

3. Advance Website = Php 16,000
For eCommerce, Automotive, Realty, News or Hotel

4. We go the extra mile for our customers! Mega Website = Starting at Php 16,000

For websites which combine the above packages usually Php 2,000 per additional feature. For example, wesell.asia with eCommerce, Automotive and Realty all in 1 website only costs Php 22,000.

Please take note the above fees don’t include Web Hosting and Domain registration, which you need to pay annually to run your website by renting the server.  Logo and Images must be provided by the Customer to save cost. Minor features which are easy like online chat, social media integration and sharing are all Free.

Our Web Design & Development Packages


WordPress CMS, cPanel, PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, etc.

Web Application Firewall, Virus & Malware Scan, Brute Force Protection, Spam Security, Header Security, Database & File System Protection, Two-Factor Authentication

Web & Leverage Browser Caching, Gzip Compression, Optimization of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Image & Database

Search Engine Optimization Plugin, Google & Bing Webmaster & Analytics, Sitemap, Social Media Integration, Sharing Tool

Free .com Domain (1 year), Daily Backup & Latest System Update, Maintenance Free, Training Materials, Technical Support


Free SSL Encryption, HTTP Strict Transport Security, Browser Integrity Check, IP Firewall, Always Online, Server-side Excludes, DDoS Mitigation, Cache Deception Armor

Free CDN Integration, HTTP/2, TLS 1.3, 0-RTT, Browser Cache, Web Sockets, Brotli Compression, Optimization of HTML, CSS & Javascript

If you want a Page Speed of A(99%) and Bulletproof Security, please avail one of our Web Hosting Plan that suits your need. We use Pure SSD, LiteSpeed (Server, Cache & Image Optimization), Free SSL, Virus & Malware Scan, DDoS Mitigation, Free CloudFlare CDN with Railgun (save $200/month), CloudLinux, Imunify, MariaDB, among our many fantastic features.

For Personal or Small Business
Php 8,000

Unlimited Pages, Posts, Photos, Categories & Blogs, Premium Animated Slider, Testimonials, Contact us, Features, Services, Skills, Portfolio, Employees, Favicon, Advance Search, Google Map, Responsive, Customizable & Standard Theme.

For School, Restaurant, Blogging, Service or Company
Php 12,000

Unlimited Pages, Posts, Photos, Categories & Blogs, Premium Animated Slider, Testimonials, Contact us, Online Chat, Features, Services, Skills, Portfolio, Employees, Favicon, Booking, Advance Search, Google Map, FAQ, Responsive, Customizable & Premium Theme.

For eCommerce, Automotive, Realty, News or Hotel
Php 16,000

Unlimited Pages, Posts, Photos, Categories & Blogs, Premium Animated Slider, Testimonials, Contact us, Online Chat, Features, Services, Skills, Portfolio, Employees, Favicon, FAQ, Advance Search, Google Map, Responsive, Customizable & Premium Theme.
Booking (for Hotel), or Wishlist, Paypal and other Payment Options (for eCommerce), or Automotive, or Realty Features.

For Combination of Website Packages
Starts at Php 16,000
Additional Php 2,000 per Feature

Unlimited Pages, Posts, Photos, Categories & Blogs, Premium Animated Slider, Testimonials, Contact us, Online Chat, Features, Services, Skills, Portfolio, Employees, Favicon, FAQ, Advance Search, Google Map, Responsive, Customizable & Premium Theme.
Combination of all Standard, Professional & Advance Packages Features.