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CreativeWeb.biz is a leading Website Design, Development & Hosting Company in the Philippines which offers an Affordable, Fastest, most Secure, Search Engine friendly, Elegant and Responsive website to valued clients. We focus on the basics and results, thus guaranteeing Grade A in Speed, Security, SEO and Design of your website among the reputable web testing tools.

7 Reasons why choose CreativeWeb.biz?

Creative Web

Free SSL Encryption and HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS) setup

Free Cloudflare CDN with Railgun (save $200/mo) to maximize Speed & Security

Fastest Web Page Speed (excellent GT Metrix Page Speed = A99 )

Highly Secure Website (good Mozilla Security = B+80 & excellent Header Security = A+)

Search Engine Friendly (SEO site checkup = 90+)

Latest WordPress, PHP, Themes, Plugins & Apps for Speed & Security optimization

Maintenance Free, Automatic update of software and Database Optimization

Other Top Developers

Pay for SSL Encryption and no (HSTS) setup which is not secure

Pay for a Content Delivery Network to maximize Speed & Security

Slow Web Page Speed (failed GT Metrix Page Speed = E55)

Not Secure Website (failed Mozilla Security = F0 & failed Header Security = F)

Pay for Search Engine Optimization (SEO site checkup = 81)

Outdated Website – Old WordPress, PHP, Themes, Plugins & Apps which is slower and not secure

No Database optimization and Manual update of software which may break the website

Our Services

Web Design & Development

We build high quality websites that excel in Google Page Speed, Mozilla Security Scan and SEO Tests.

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Web Hosting

We offer affordable, secure, fast and reliable web hosting with Free Domain, SSL certificate and Content Delivery Network.

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Domain Registration & Transfer

We offer the cheapest Domain Name Registration, Renewal and Transfer of Generic, Country Code and New Top Level Domains.

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Web Security

We offer SSL certificates and Anti-Malware from industry’s trusted security solutions to protect your website and email.

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Email & App

We sell G Suite and custom email system that matches your brand name to build credibility and trust.

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