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Web Design & Hosting

Best Web Design & SEO Company in Sweden

Creative Web is a company duly recognized to transact web design, SEO, development, domain registration and hosting services. We take pride in knowing that Creative Web has come up with the benchmark that will pave the way programmers build websites.

Creative Web vouches for the most Secure, Fastest, Affordable and Search Engine friendly websites. It comes in handy since it is maintenance free; indeed, a responsive website to valued clients. We focus on the basics and results, thus guaranteeing Grade A in Speed, Security, SEO and Design of your website among the reputable web testing tools.

We are confident you will love your website! Our Service is for Free in the event that clients are not satisfied and the Website is below par. Leveraging our expertise in web development, we are committed to increasing your sales by maximizing leads.

Graph Sources: GT MetrixMozilla ObservatorySEO Site Checkup

Comparison of the Top Web Developers

Top Web Developers Comparison
Creative Web is the Fastest (Page Speed = A99%), most Secure (B+80) and Search Engine Optimized (98%). Most web developer websites are slow (E55%), not secure (F0) and have average Search Engine Optimization rating (77%).


Engineered for Speed

From choosing the theme to the plugins, everything is coded to deliver maximum performance and to achieve a rating of A99% Page Speed. We use light weight themes and plugins, Content Delivery Network, caching, optimization of images, html, scripts, css and database to achieve Lightning Speed.

Elegant & Responsive Design

We do not sacrifice the look and appeal of your website to achieve maximum performance. We strike a balance between speed and appearance that’s why we only use premium themes and plugins to design your website. We guarantee that your website is feature rich like ours and will look nice in all devices.

Robust Security

We are the only Developer with rated A+ Header Security. We use Multilayer of Defense like Web Application Firewall, Malware & Virus Scan, SSL Encryption, Brute Force & Spam Protection, Header Security, DDoS mitigation, Two-Factor Authentication and Hardening to achieve Bulletproof Security.

Simple & Maintenance Free

Our WordPress CMS and cPanel are as easy as using Facebook so you can post new content and setup your email on the fly. We automatically update and optimize your website and apps so it forever uses the latest technology with maximum performance and security.

Search Engine Optimized

Get ahead of the competition by ranking well in Google & Bing search engines. We use Search Engine Plugin, setup Sitemap, Webmasters & Analytics to improve your search ranking. We guarantee a SEO rating of 95+ on home page & teach basic SEO so you can optimize all pages, posts & images.

Affordable Price

Even if we offer the Best Web Development service based from metrics that matters to Google, we also give you the cheapest price because we want your small business to succeed like us. Our Standard Website with unlimited posts and pages starts at only SEK2,755 full payment.


We focus on what really matters – Speed, Security, SEO, Design & Experience.

Page Speed


Search Engine Optimization


Cost Reduction
2x to 5x

Give your Business the POWER to LEAD!

Most Valuable Web Host in Sweden

Nobody likes a Slow and not Secure website especially Google. Both are key metrics in the Search Engine Ranking. Unfortunately, 79% of the Top 250 websites in the world are Slow with a Median Load Time of 10.6 secs. based from GT Metrix. According to Kissmetrics, websites with a load time of 5 secs have more than 25% Abandonment. Furthermore, 77% of the websites are not secure and Google blacklists 10,000+ sites every day according to Forbes.

Like the top websites, if your website is Slow and not Secure it can’t be redeemed by hosting on a Dedicated Server. You need to hire an expert web developer to fix your website or transfer your Web Hosting to Creative Web and avail our Free WordPress Optimization. Your website Page Speed will reach up to A98%, A+ Security rating and uses the latest premium software. Your WordPress site will be faster and more secure than the top sites and your competitors; if not our Hosting service is for Free.

Graph Sources: GT Metrix, Mozilla Observatory, Uptime Robot

Comparison of the Top Web Hosts

Top Web Hosts Comparison
Creative Web is the Fastest (Page Speed = A99%) and most Secure (B+80). Most web host websites are slow (C70%) and not secure (F7). All have excellent Uptime (100%).


Lightning Speed

We use Pure SSD which is 3x faster than HDD. Our LiteSpeed Server is 12x faster than Nginx & can outperform Apache by 84x when using WordPress. We use the latest PHP 7.4, CloudLinux & other Apps which deliver faster speed & more secure compared to their older versions.

Cloudflare CDN with Railgun

Powered by 200 data centers, Cloudflare can significantly improve the Performance, Reliability and Security of your website. Optimization includes free SSL, DDoS Mitigation, Firewall, Railgun (save $200/month), compression, cache, HTTP/3, TLS 1.3, etc.

Free SSL & Multilayer Defense

We offer lifetime Free SSL so everything is fully encrypted including your website, control panel and email. We provide Firewall, Malware & Virus Scan, DDoS Mitigation, ModSecurity, Spam Assassin, Hardening & Brute Force Protection to ensure maximum protection.

Professional & Secure Email

Stay connected with a professional email address using your domain name. The Email system is protected by SSL and Spam Assassin. You can easily setup email in any device using POP3, IMAP and SMTP or directly access it in the Webmail of your Control Panel.

Multiple World-Class Data Centers

Everything we do is tailored around delivering super fast and reliable web hosting. We host World Class Data Centers in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York. We monitor our top-notch hardware round the clock to ensure we’re powering your websites with 99.99% Uptime.

Free Migration & WordPress Optimization

After the free & seamless data migration, we will fix and optimize your WordPress website to achieve a Page Speed of A98% and a Grade A+ Security rating. This will improve your On Page SEO, Google Search rank and more importantly Customer experience.


It’s time to ditch your Slow but Expensive web host. Only us can Guarantee an A+ Security and a Page Speed of A98% on all Hosting Plans for WordPress websites.

Page Speed



Active Websites

Cost Reduction
2x to 8x

Start Saving by at least 3x and FEEL the DIFFERENCE!