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    We offer cheaper Domain Name Registration, Renewal and Transfer of Generic, Country Code and New Top Level Domains than GoDaddy, Enom and dotPH.

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    Domain Name Registration, Renewal & Transfer Price List

    .comPHP 560PHP 560PHP 560
    .netPHP 760PHP 760PHP 760
    .orgPHP 690PHP 690PHP 690
    .bizPHP 670PHP 670PHP 670
    .phPHP 1,730PHP 1,730PHP 1,730
    .com.phPHP 1,730PHP 1,730PHP 1,730
    .net.phPHP 1,730PHP 1,730PHP 1,730
    .org.phPHP 1,730PHP 1,730PHP 1,730
    .asiaPHP 910PHP 910PHP 910
    .mePHP 970PHP 970PHP 970
    .ngoPHP 1,490PHP 1,490PHP 1,490
    .infoPHP 830PHP 830PHP 830
    .mobiPHP 940PHP 940PHP 940
    .blogPHP 1,220PHP 1,220PHP 1,220
    .ukPHP 495PHP 495PHP 495
    .usPHP 520PHP 520PHP 520
    .euPHP 520PHP 520PHP 520
    .ioPHP 2,200PHP 2,200PHP 2,200
    .xyzPHP 770PHP 770PHP 770
    .techPHP 2,170PHP 2,170PHP 2,170
    .storePHP 2,460PHP 2,460PHP 2,460
    .itPHP 1,060PHP 1,060PHP 1,060

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    Domain Extensions

    .asia, .biz, .blog, .com, .com.ph, .eu, .info, .io, .me, .net, .net.ph, .ngo, .org, .org.ph, .ph, .store, .tech, .uk, .us


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