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In this modern time, businesses sans a website and email account cannot gain ground. Potential customers will search and read the reviews first before they avail of company services. A website that is fast, secure, excellent and adhering to standards is critical to attract more prospective clients.

Choosing an appropriate Web Designer and Developer in the Philippines is never easy. I, for one, have mistakenly chosen a top web developer in the country. My expectations were not met and I was deeply frustrated with the result.

This article provides information on the Top 12 Web Design and Development Companies in the Philippines based on Google Search and Reviews. Only necessary and quantitative factors are highlighted in this article to avoid any biases. We strongly believe that the web developer’s own website is a testament of his/her dedication and level of expertise which I used for the tests.

A. Security Tests Comparison of Top PH Developers

The world is like a ruthless dungeon filled with hackers, cyber thieves and spammers. According to Forbes, Google blacklists 10,000 suspicious websites each day. Big companies are prone to cyber-attacks and, even more so with startups? No one is safe. Customers must be protected. The word “Secure” on Google Chrome shows that a website is encrypted and safe to use. This is also used for search engine ranking.

Security Test Comparison of Top PH Developers
Mozilla Observatory shows that CreativeWeb.biz is the most Secure website with B75 rating. All the other developers failed with F0 rating.

Observatory evaluates websites based on their performance and security technologies they implement. A score of A+ to  F was assigned to each site. Each factor is checked to see areas for improvement. More than a dozen security technologies are tested, including the site’s SSL/TLS configuration, HTTP headers, use of secure cookies, public key pinning (HPKP), content security policy (CSP) and more.

Sucuri Website Malware & Security Scanner Comparison
Only CreativeWeb.biz and myoptxx.com passed the Sucuri Malware and Security Scan. Most websites don’t have a Website Firewall and they use Outdated Website which is a high Security risk.

Sucuri scanner is designed to look for Indicators of Compromise, which include website malware, blackhat SEO spam, defacements, Pharma hacks and other browser based compromise indicators.

Source: Mozilla Observatory, Sucuri Malware and Security Scan

B. Speed Tests Comparison of Top PH Developers

Nobody wants to be left behind. A slow website is a big No-No. According to Kissmetrics, a page that takes 5 secs to load is tantamount to more than 25% abandonment. The website’s speed is an important metric in the Search Engine Ranking. This prompted Google to develop Page Speed Test to improve the user’s experience. A huge file size requires huge resources from the server, which may take a high cost.

Speed Test Comparison of Top PH Developers
CreativeWeb.biz is the Fastest website with GT Metrix of A98 and Google Page Speed of 94. Majority of Web Developers in the Philippines have B to F Page Speed.

GTMetrix uses Yahoo YSlow and Google PageSpeed in evaluating factors that affect the website’s speed. Google developed PageSpeed to identify non-compliance to the guidelines as laid out in its Web Performance Best Practices. YSlow is Yahoo’s own PageSpeed tool which checks compliance of rules for best practices.

Source: Google Page Speed Test, GT Metrix Test

C. Search Engine Optimization Comparison of Top PH Developers

Apparently, a secure and fast website which is not found on the top pages of Google, Bing and Yahoo search will only have a few potential visitors. Standards must be met in order to have a higher ranking for new websites. Such standards are quality Content and Backlinks, Domain Age, Sitemap, Optimization of Keywords, Title, Meta Description, Speed, and Security among others. Sharing, SEO Plugin and integration of social media are a plus to boost your website ranking as well.

Search Engine Optimization Comparison of Top PH Developers
CreativeWeb.biz has the highest Average SEO Rating of 89.3.

Source: SEO Site Checkup, Neil Patel SEO AnalyzerSEO Centro

D. Mobile Friendly Test Comparison of Top PH Developers

The majority of the population is using mobile and handheld devices to access the internet. The website should be responsive enough to automatically adjust its layout regardless of the device being used. Non-responsiveness of the site means the users will have difficulty reading the page. Hence, leading to a penalty and lower search ranking of your site.

Google & Bing Mobile Friendly Test
All passed Google and Bing Mobile Friendly Tests.

Source: Google Mobile Friendly Test, Bing Mobile Friendliness Test

E. Number of Features versus Speed Comparison

More features mean more scripts and files used which makes the page size bigger. A more complex website doesn’t guarantee a slower site. It all boils down to the web developer’s expertise and technique.

Below are the key features of the top developers’ websites that may affect their speed.

Features versus Google Page Speed Comparison of Top PH Developers
CreativeWeb.biz has the most number of features (14) that may slow down a website, but the Fastest according to Google Page Speed (94). Only CreativeWeb.biz and sytiaxx.com have good features that Passed Google Page Speed Test. Starfxx.com passed the Speed test, but it is a simple website with the least features.

F. Pricing Comparison

A pricey website is not an assurance that it is top-notch. In my case, I spent Php 250,000 on my website which turned out to be not responsive and slow-performing. Only reputable web testing tools used in this article are the lone authority in affirming the websites’ performance and security. Transparency and setting a fix price are essential to assure the best interest of the clients.

Below is the comparison of prices from top developers in creating an Ecommerce website.

Price & Transparency Comparison of an Ecommerce Site from Top PH Developers
CreativeWeb.biz and philxx.com are Affordable. Only CreativeWeb.biz and timraxx.net have a clear price, specifications and features. Clients’ expectations are set early on.


Overall Comparison of Top PH Web Developers

Clearly, CreativeWeb.biz is the Best Web Development Company in the Philippines. It passed all the 5 tests and is ranked as top 1. It is the Fastest, most Secure and has a highest SEO rating. It has the most features at a reasonable price, clear project specifications and not to forget its transparency to customers.

2nd place developer is myoptixx.com with Average Speed and SEO rating. It is 2nd place in terms of Security. It has SSL encryption, but fails the Mozilla Security for not implementing the right practices. It passed Sucuri Test because it uses a Web Application Firewall and the latest CMS. It has many features with average speed, but does not show transparency to Customers on its Pricing and Project Specifications.

3rd place developer is sytiaxx.com which Passed and 2nd rank in Speed and SEO Tests. It has SSL encryption, but does not implement the right practices, thus Failing Mozilla Observatory. It has no Web Application Firewall which makes it Medium Risk in Sucuri Scan. It passed the speed test, despite having many features. It’s not transparent to Customers on its Pricing and Project Specifications.

We hope this article will guide Businesses and Companies to choose the Right Web Design and Developer Company.  We practice no prejudice, no shenanigans. We are merely citing facts and information based on Reputable Web Testing Tools used by Experts.

Note: All tests were conducted multiple times on August 2017.

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