A Founder’s Brainchild

Last 2012, the company’s founder decided to put up an online marketplace for Automotive, Realty and eCommerce in one website. To be certain, the top developer in the country was chosen to make the website. It took a year to launch the website which cost a fortune. To make matters worse, the site was slow and non-responsive. Needless to say, the founder was not appeased and needed to redesign the website. Negotiations with the same developer didn’t work out well due to a high quoted price. It was such a let down. This unpleasant experience has led the founder to create his own website. A fast, responsive and secure online marketplace came to life in just two weeks. The number of clients has significantly increased with the launching of the new site. With the increasing demands, the founder has hit his stride and established his very own Web Development Company named Creative Web.

In late 2015, due to the Founder’s extreme desire to achieve a Page Speed of A100% and A+ Security rating, he established a Web Hosting company. Creative Web became an Optimized Cloudflare Partner in 2016, which significantly boosts the Speed and Security to reach both an A rating. The Average Speed was below A95%, in 2018 Creative Web partnered with LiteSpeed Technologies to use their Fastest LiteSpeed Server and Cache, thus boosting the Average Page Speed to A98%. More companies and government agencies have trusted Creative Web to create and host their websites as we speak.

A Trusted IT Company that Delivers Optimum Results

Customer’s satisfaction is our paramount goal. A slow, non-responsive, not secure website more so with failed tests from Google, Mozilla, Sucuri and SEO surely make an unhappy client. Day in, day out we have put our heart and mind to learn how to achieve maximum results in Google Page Speed, Mozilla Security, SEO and in other web testing tools. Having mastery of a great deal of plugins, themes, web hosts, CDNs, software and various apps without sacrificing the visual appearance took much laborious time.

We are thrilled to announce that Creative Web is the lone web developer and host that has passed Google Page Speed, Mozilla Security, SEO and other Testing Tools. Many other websites failed in their Speed Test and Security Check. Web experts have strongly believe that quality Content, Design, Security, Speed, SEO, Mobile and Being User Friendly are bedrocks of a World Class Website in which we adamantly uphold in every waking moment. No second-rates here.

The company thrives through creativity amidst a competitive digital world. With Creative Web, it is worth your every penny for we only use quality plugins, theme, latest software & hardware, Best Web Host & CDN, and our trademark Code and Techniques to come up with an excellent website.

Creative Web Australia Skills Rating

Web Design & Development 99%
Search Engine Optimization 96%
Web Security & Speed Optimization 98%
Web Hosting 99%
Content Delivery Network Optimization 97%
Lean Sigma 96%


Being a premier Web Design, Development & Hosting Company in Australia, Creative Web is bound to offer high quality, affordable, fast, secure, unique and modern web solutions to achieve clients’ business goals.


Customer Centric

  • Provide clients with high quality and affordable website design, development, hosting and solutions to increase sales and market share

Partner of Choice

  • Foster a nurturing relationship with businesses and entrepreneurs by bringing the best and easy to use web platform in promoting goods and services

Leader by Example

  • Work with integrity, transparency and unyielding passion for excellence the Lean Sigma Way

Page Speed Histogram of the Top 250 websites in the World

Page Speed Histogram of Top 250 Websites
Only 10% of the Top 250 websites are Fast (Grade A90 to 100), even if Hosted on a Dedicated and Powerful Servers. More than 77% sites Failed the Page Speed Test (Grade F0 to C79) and need improvement. The distribution does not follow a Normal distribution, so the true center is the Median = D61% which Failed.

Median = 61, Mean = 59.43, Standard Deviation = 22.83, N = 250 websites
Graph Source: GT Metrix of Top 1000 Sites

Fully Load Time Histogram of the Top 250 websites in the World

Fully Loaded Time Histogram of the Top 250 Websites
The distribution does not follow a Normal distribution, so the true center is the Median = 10.6 secs which is Slow. The tolerable loading time is within 5 secs to avoid viewers from leaving the website before it loads. This shows that a poorly developed and slow website cannot be redeemed by a Powerful server.

Median = 10.6, Mean = 16.91, Standard Deviation = 17.31, N = 250 websites
Upon further analysis of the data, 79% of the Top 250 websites are Slow and above 5 secs Loading Time.
Graph Source: GT Metrix of Top 1000 Sites

Header Security Bar Graph of Random websites

Header Security Rating Bar Graph of Random Websites
77% of the 34.85 Million of websites Failed Security with a Rating from C to F. Only 2% are highly Secure like Creative Web and their Customers with A+ Security Header rating.

Graph Source: Header Security Table