Creative Web is a company duly recognized to transact web hosting, development and domain registration services. We take pride in knowing that Creative Web has come up with the benchmark that will pave the way programmers build and host websites. We are a proud Partner of Cloudflare and LiteSpeed which are the best Content Delivery Network and Web Server in the World respectively.

Customer’s satisfaction is our paramount goal. A slow, not secure website more so with failed tests from Google, Mozilla and SEO surely make an unhappy client. Day in, day out we have put our heart and mind to learn how to achieve maximum results in Google Page Speed, Mozilla Security, SEO and in other web testing tools. Having mastery of a great deal of plugins, themes, web hosts, CDNs, software and various apps without sacrificing the visual appearance took much laborious time.

We are thrilled to announce that Creative Web is the lone web developer and host that has passed Google Page Speed, Mozilla Security, SEO and other Testing Tools. Many other websites failed in their Speed Test and Security Check. Web experts strongly believe that quality Content, Design, Security, Speed, SEO, Mobile and Being User Friendly are bedrocks of a World Class Website in which we adamantly uphold in every waking moment. No second-rates here.

The company thrives through creativity amidst a competitive digital world. With Creative Web, it is worth your every penny for we only use quality plugins, theme, latest software & hardware, Best Web Host & CDN, and our trademark Code and Techniques to come up with an excellent website.

Creative Web Skills Rating

Web Hosting 99%
Web Development 99%
Search Engine Optimization 95%
Web Security & Speed Optimization 99%
Content Delivery Network Optimization 98%
Lean Sigma 95%


Being a premier Web Hosting & Development Company, Creative Web is bound to offer high quality, fast, secure, elegant and future-proof web solutions to achieve clients’ business goals.


Customer Centric

  • Provide clients with high quality and affordable website development, hosting and solutions to increase sales and market share

Partner of Choice

  • Foster a nurturing relationship with businesses and entrepreneurs by bringing the best and easy to use web platform in promoting goods and services

Leader by Example

  • Work with integrity, transparency and unyielding passion for excellence the Lean Sigma Way